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Haunted houses are great and safe fun! Be sure to look for the Discount Coupons!

Happy Halloween from Haunted Houses of the Southfield Royal Oak area!


Hazel Hurst Manor - Starting October 27th through the 30th we will have our display up and on the 31st be running the entire show (we might have it running a few earlier nights too.) Make sure to stop buy and let the spirits greet you, they will never want you to leave! 

Other Halloween Events

Spooktackular Trick or Treating.  Downtown Royal Oak, Main Street.

Zombie Movie Night.  Royal Oak Main Street Theatre   

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  Have fun and stay safe! Enjoy a Royal Oak Southfield Hazel Park area Haunted House with the entire family. These Royal Oak Michigan area Halloween attractions and events are spooky and scary and many offer online discounts to save money!

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Happy Halloween!Haunted Houses Royal Oak Southfield

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Haunted Houses of Royal Oak Southfield

We feature only the best haunted houses on our web site, basd on value, safety and overall quality. Save Money, be sure to use our discount coupons and safely enjoy a great Halloween haunted house experience in the Royal Oak, Southfield, Hazel Park Madison Hts Ferndale area!

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Haunted houses in Royal Oak, Ferndale