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Happy Halloweeen from Haunted Houses of the Detroit area!

Halloween Safety Tips!!!

Halloween is chock full of fun and can bring some amazing memories for you and your child. Here are some tips to make sure your little goblins stay safe and have a great Halloween night!

1. Choose a flame retardant costume. Your little one will probably be trick-or-treating on porches with lit jack o' lanterns.

2. Make sure your child's costume doesn't hang or drag on the ground. The costume should hit your child several inches about the ankles.

3. Choose a brightly colored or light costume, so you can see your child more easily in the dark.

4. If your child chooses a dark costume, use reflective tape.

5. Give your kids glow sticks or glow necklaces. This is a fun tradition and can help them stay safe, too.

6. Choose proper footwear for walking. Princess dress up shoes are wonderful for indoor Halloween parties, but you'll want to make sure your little princess is safe on the street.

7. Opt for non-toxic hypoallergenic face makeup instead of a mask, if possible. If the child's costume requires a mask, make sure the holes for your child's eyes are large enough that he can see all around.

8. Ask your child to take off his mask between houses, and place the mask back on when he arrives at each door.

9. If the costume includes accessories, such as swords, knives, or guns, make sure they don't look too realistic and that they are made of a plastic that bends easily.

10. When making jack-o-lanterns, leave the carving to adults. Children can draw the creation on the pumpkin and scoop the pumpkin seeds.

11. Use special jack o' lantern battery-powered lights instead of candles.

12. Make sure your children eat a good dinner before they start trick or treating, so they aren't tempted to dip into the candy bag before you have a chance to inspect it.

13. Make sure an adult accompanies small children. Older children should always go with a group.

14. If your older children are going out together, without an adult, make sure to discuss the rules of trick or treating beforehand: Don't eat anything before they return home. Obey all rules of the road, traffic signals, etc. Walk, don't run. Stick to the sidewalks , instead of running through yards. Stay with a group, and only go to houses with the porch light on. Under no circumstances should they enter a person's house or car.

15. Give your older children a watch, a cell phone (or enough quarters to make several phone calls) and a flashlight with new batteries.

16. Make sure you know the route your child will be taking ahead of time, and agree on a time when your children will return home.

17. When your child returns with candy, inspect all of it. Toss out anything that looks suspicious, including any unwrapped items, or candy that appears to have been tampered with ? or treats that have been homemade. Look at fresh fruit for cuts or holes and wash, peel, and cut it up before you serve it to your child.

18. For younger children, fish out anything that might be a choking hazard.

Stay Safe this Halloween with these Halloween safety tips!

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Haunted houses in Halloween home decorations